I had been working in my last position with Verizon Digital Media Services for almost a year and then I moved to another exciting opportunity within VDMS. I now work in a position where I’m directly working with major studios to get content to millions of customers.

It surprises me when I realize that it’s been almost a year since I was still going out on video shoots and editing video.

My first position at VDMS was a whirlwind of learning entirely new industry standard enterprise media technologies. I’ve touched on everything from high-speed transfer software like Aspera, Workflow Managers, performing CDN monitoring using industry leading log parsers and analytic software to troubleshooting server-based virtualized media encoders.

There have been many other applications, techniques, technologies and experiences gained. It’s been a fun, fast and exciting time working on the Digital Media Operations team within Verizon Digital Media Services. I have very much enjoyed this work, but  I have also missed being closer to the media, setting up and managing workflows and getting my hands dirty directly in the media.

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